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  • How to buy roller skates Children's skate selection techniques Raiders

    If every child on the road sees other children sneaking through his side, he will be tickled and admired, so he asks his family to buy pairs of skates to learn to skate. Even now, whether it is day or night, there are people on the road wearing rollerblades. Then, buying roller skates has become a bit of a hassle. Because children are still young, many parents are worried that they will buy roller skates of poor quality and affect the safety of children. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a pair of good-quality roller skates. Currently, there are many types of roller skates on the market. It is difficult louboutin shoes to discern between good and bad, especially for shoes with poor quality. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers should acquire some knowledge in this area before buying and learn about some roller skates. The relevant information of the brand is not deceived at the time of purchase. It will also be safer and more comfortable for children. How to choose roller skates for children

    Roller skates are generally divided into: casual shoes, extreme shoes, speed shoes, slalom.

    But mainly based mainly on casual shoes, the louboutin shoes sale market or online selling the limit of shoes and speed skates rarely. Casual shoes are for beginners or amateurs who are not professionals.

    What kind of shoes are used is basically based on your financial ability to buy. Because this thing is seen more, it really is a penny. A price difference of one or two hundred pieces would make a big difference.

    Roller shoes

    The hardest thing to pick is skates. Roller skates, as a whole, are worth a penny and goods. Do not purchase shoes below $300. Such shoes often cause beginners to lose interest in roller skating and even cause injuries. After skilled use, these shoes are useless. No pity. . Some supermarkets are selling colorful children's roller skates. They look cheap and beautiful, but they are made of plastic. They are neither safe nor slippery. It's best not to buy shoes online. You may be able to get a pair of shoes that are not suitable after a long wait. Because everyone's feet are really different, you have to wear them to know.

    If the baby's foot has special characteristics, such as flat foot or where there is injury, it is best to clearly communicate with the owner, he may have a method or good recommendation; if you do not say, may take shoes back a few days baby's Feet can't stand it. Get it back and return.

    The price of a pair of ordinary ice skates ranges from 300-2000 yuan. How to pick a pair of baby-friendly single-row skates under such a big price spread? Don't worry, let's take a look at the various parts of the shoes!


    The outer shell of the roller skates can prevent external impact and protect the feet. Generally, a shoe with a buckle is more convenient to wear; the side of the tied louboutin sale shoe will be more than the foot, but it is more troublesome to wear. Generally better single-row skates are designed with straps and a buckle. A typical single-row skate has an inner boot that cushions the friction between the foot and the shoe shell to protect the foot from skin abrasion and blisters. A good shoe body should be strong enough. Sponge must be thick enough and dense enough. A comfortable shoe body makes your baby more comfortable when stepping on it.


    The chassis is a structural body connecting the wheels and the shoe shell. The toughness of the chassis system is a major factor in determining the life of the skates. Usually the design of the chassis is of different types, some are thicker and some are thinner. The undercarriage is generally fitted with four wheels, but there are also small undercarriages with three wheels and five-wheeled speed shoes. The baby is usually four wheels.

    The aluminum alloy chassis is better, because the aluminum alloy chassis is harder and not easily deformed, but the price is more expensive.


    The wheel must be a high-elastic wheel. It must not be a plastic wheel. Coach Cheng said that it is best to choose polyester materials, that is, rubber wheels, which adapt to a variety of venues and conditions. The rubber wheels are soft and flexible. The plastic wheels are hard. You can try to knock on the ground to hear the sound. You will find that the sound christian louboutin shoes of the plastic wheels is sharp. Some skating shoes will be equipped with hex wrenches to tighten the wheels.


    In addition to paying attention to the quality of various parts of the shoes, we must also pay attention to the size of the baby's feet. It is recommended to buy the baby's usual size, be sure to baby through. Absolutely not too much, as long as you don't feel tight, you can. Generally, when the shoelace, the calf and the ground are vertical, the distance between the front end of the foot and the inner sleeve of the shoe is half as much as the thumb (hand). Too large shoes are not safe. Many shoes now have retractable functions. After the baby's feet are big, they can use tools to change the baby's skates.

    Finally stressed: If parents choose to buy, please select enough according to the above method. If you have any questions, please consult our club coach.

    Note: The baby should pay special attention to safety when learning roller skating. (Wristbands, elbow pads, knee pads and helmets) These are indispensable.

    The exposed joints must be properly "protected". The equipment you need to prepare is: wristbands, elbow pads, knee pads and helmets. For safety, it is best to use professional wristbands, elbow pads, knee pads and helmets. In order to ensure quality, try not to go to the commodity market.

    Many babies are reluctant to wear protective gear because they are afraid of being squeamish or uncomfortable, and the weather is hot, but in fact they can not only protect themselves, but also maintain a good practice mentality.

    2018-05-24 10:13:31
  • Go back and go into a pair of high heels!

    Saying goodbye to an 18-year-old woman, she must enter a pair of high-heeled shoes that she likes, not for the face of nothingness, but to announce to the world that she has grown up. Do not believe, try to know. The surface may be slightly immature and actually more sophisticated louboutin heels than anything else. The bow seems to be a common element of sweet high heels. No way to change the innate cuteness of the place, including the sole. With the soft underside of the exclusive soft sister, the entire pair of shoes reveals a strong, feminine atmosphere that you can't ignore. I don't know if it was the rabbit ears led by snow boots that blew through the season. This pair of high heels with tails covered almost all the highlights of the shoes. If you think about it, you can present a simple cartoon decoration in a simple style, which is also a side proof of its hidden strength. For women with a slightly christian louboutin for men economic foundation, choosing high heels is not just a matter of looking at the surface, but also taking into account comfort. Leather fine sandals, beautiful appearance will not say, for all to see, the key is a moderate thickness of the waterproof platform, contract all the comfort.

    As a result, it is also true that one viewpoint is correct, and the inner experience is more important than the outward appearance. Of course, if the two can be perfectly blended together, it is better not to meddle with each other or with each other. Accustomed to high-heeled shoes, you may try out the increasingly high-heeled high-heeled shoes out of christian louboutin sneakers a challenging mentality. Even so, you still have to do it. After all, it's not enough for anyone to stand up to the cold, but it's enough to stop it. To put it plainly, high-heeled shoes were originally created to make up for height defects. Along with the modification of the leg, it was not a perfect line. From this perspective, extremes that are too short or too high are not three words for high-heeled shoes. respect. Normal, eight centimeters, no increase, no reduction, red sole shoes just fine.

    2018-05-22 10:26:04
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