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  • Go back and go into a pair of high heels!

    Saying goodbye to an 18-year-old woman, she must enter a pair of high-heeled shoes that she likes, not for the face of nothingness, but to announce to the world that she has grown up. Do not believe, try to know. The surface may be slightly immature and actually more sophisticated louboutin heels than anything else. The bow seems to be a common element of sweet high heels. No way to change the innate cuteness of the place, including the sole. With the soft underside of the exclusive soft sister, the entire pair of shoes reveals a strong, feminine atmosphere that you can't ignore. I don't know if it was the rabbit ears led by snow boots that blew through the season. This pair of high heels with tails covered almost all the highlights of the shoes. If you think about it, you can present a simple cartoon decoration in a simple style, which is also a side proof of its hidden strength. For women with a slightly christian louboutin for men economic foundation, choosing high heels is not just a matter of looking at the surface, but also taking into account comfort. Leather fine sandals, beautiful appearance will not say, for all to see, the key is a moderate thickness of the waterproof platform, contract all the comfort.

    As a result, it is also true that one viewpoint is correct, and the inner experience is more important than the outward appearance. Of course, if the two can be perfectly blended together, it is better not to meddle with each other or with each other. Accustomed to high-heeled shoes, you may try out the increasingly high-heeled high-heeled shoes out of christian louboutin sneakers a challenging mentality. Even so, you still have to do it. After all, it's not enough for anyone to stand up to the cold, but it's enough to stop it. To put it plainly, high-heeled shoes were originally created to make up for height defects. Along with the modification of the leg, it was not a perfect line. From this perspective, extremes that are too short or too high are not three words for high-heeled shoes. respect. Normal, eight centimeters, no increase, no reduction, red sole shoes just fine.

    2018-05-22 10:26:04
  • Flat shoes how to match clothes?

    Practical flat shoes are one of the coolest shoes worn by the dear ones. Walking in shoes with red soles flat shoes will not only be as tired as high-heeled shoes, but also feminine and stylish. Flat shoes how to match clothes more attractive? Take a look at the fashion up to people's wear LOOK! Flat shoes with clothes skills is not difficult, as long as you carefully learn how to mix with the people is how to take, you also Can learn oh. Vertical stripe style clothes and trousers have elongated body and slimming effect. Gray blue and light coffee with white flat shoes, the color is very coordinated, full of retro sense. The girls who love the vintage style will definitely like the matching of flat shoes. Light purple chiffon shirt + white shorts + white flats, full of sweet Japanese style, purple handbags and clothes color echoes. With a sunhat, everything is beautiful! Light blue plaid shirt + white high waist shorts + blue flat shoes, many girls can try this style Oh. Small mushrooms are no exception, high-waisted pants are more leg-length! A whole set of macarons really sprouting!

    The christian louboutin heels combination of European and American styles is simpler, simpler, and simpler! The important thing is to say three times! A simple sweater and jeans with flat shoes, if the clothing is more color, the shoes can be selected as bright colors. However, the wind in Europe and the United States cannot be controlled by every sister-in-law. It is best to have a height of 160 or more and wear it out to be more avid. What kind of clothes do you wear with flats? If you think that christian louboutin heels you need to consider the coordination of your tops, pants, and shoes to be too much trouble, then come to a dress! Solid color dresses with canvas flat shoes, but also very good! Absolutely youthful bursting! Is an eternal christian louboutin sneakers classic! If you want to go to the beach to play, then come a flowing dress, with a pair of flat sandals ~ is so simple! Let's go, mushroom cool!

    2018-05-19 10:15:21
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