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  • A pair of shoes can reflect what kind of character high-heeled articles

    Every girl has a pair of favorite shoes in her heart. Of course, it doesn't have to be high heels, but girls are always used to putting high heels into adulthood. For this game to wear the fashion industry, a pair of US shoes is not just wearing good-looking shoes, highlighting the temperament is also the point of shoes. Simple girls don't always like too complicated outfits. You are free and bohemian. When you choose high-heeled shoes, you may be more simple and sympathetic, christian louboutin outlet so that the basic, unadorned uppers match the closet. Those basic clothing are also not worried. A handmade bow is indeed a good thing for girls who like to be unique. Hate to hit the shirt, always hope to be unique, and red bottom shoes then found that if there are always more or less different styles of this bow, love can not be followed one after another. Mosaic color, small thick with, this is the hot section of this year's Fashion Week, fashion-conscious girls can always find it, and as a christian louboutin for men pair of shoes in a small and exquisite style, it must have a keen sense of smell and small A woman's trend pioneer.

    White is a very clean color, and often because of its poor care and few choices. For white high-heeled shoes, it appears to be mostly accompanied by a white dress, so that the gentleness of the mix is n expression of quiet and elegant temperament. Lace, hollow, rhinestones, black ... are synonymous with mature and sexy, the girl who chooses such a high heel must have a good body, but also full of self-confidence, walk through the urban high-rise buildings, showing this Touching beauty. The deeper and glossier color matched with the pointed high-heeled shoe type, the wild and straightforward claws from the bottom of the soles of the feet. It is an insurmountable risk but it is also full of challenges. So what kind of high heels is this? Every girl will wear important shoes on the day of her life. The sparkling rhinestones and the slightly exaggerated butterfly red bottom pumps all highlight the decoration of the protagonist. The woman who shines in the audience, the shoes that carry happiness.

    2018-04-18 10:19:44
  • Give women a pair of high heels to see the world of women's solo dance

    Wearing high-heeled legs will be significantly longer, suddenly become tall and christian louboutin shoes christian louboutin heels sale straight, wearing high-heeled shoes to walk the way will sway, showing the woman's gentle posture. High-heeled shoes are fashionable and beautiful. They are very stable and well-adapted. Their sense of foot is also good, and they are very versatile! The upper is made of silk satin material, which is comfortable in texture, elegant in appearance and very good in breathability. It has a strong visual texture, making the whole pair of shoes more temperament and charm. The sparkling rhinestone heel makes the overall design more fashionable and gives a sense of beauty and design. The shoes are really good looking, and the design is very personal. It is difficult to wear shoes on the street. The comfortable height and the intimate heel design make the shoes more stable louboutin shoes and comfortable. The pointed design, very good foot shape, let the feet look slender, while showing a sexy charm, in any case without losing the general and very wild. The sexy fishbone design, together with the very classic tip elements, is matched with a fashionable and refined root version, which is highly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

    Like the fish mouth shoes exposed the United States and the United States the nail polish sister, this shoe is your best choice. Suede has become a popular example in recent years. This is a suede, shallow-heeled high heel that can be worn in more than two seasons. It is a simple and atmospheric design, and it does not have to consider the choice of clothing. It will not red bottom shoes for men be unsuitable for any occasion, whether it is the OL style at work or the pleasant and pleasant shopping after work.

    2018-04-16 10:26:02
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