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  • Flat shoes how to match clothes?

    Practical flat shoes are one of the coolest shoes worn by the dear ones. Walking in shoes with red soles flat shoes will not only be as tired as high-heeled shoes, but also feminine and stylish. Flat shoes how to match clothes more attractive? Take a look at the fashion up to people's wear LOOK! Flat shoes with clothes skills is not difficult, as long as you carefully learn how to mix with the people is how to take, you also Can learn oh. Vertical stripe style clothes and trousers have elongated body and slimming effect. Gray blue and light coffee with white flat shoes, the color is very coordinated, full of retro sense. The girls who love the vintage style will definitely like the matching of flat shoes. Light purple chiffon shirt + white shorts + white flats, full of sweet Japanese style, purple handbags and clothes color echoes. With a sunhat, everything is beautiful! Light blue plaid shirt + white high waist shorts + blue flat shoes, many girls can try this style Oh. Small mushrooms are no exception, high-waisted pants are more leg-length! A whole set of macarons really sprouting!

    The christian louboutin heels combination of European and American styles is simpler, simpler, and simpler! The important thing is to say three times! A simple sweater and jeans with flat shoes, if the clothing is more color, the shoes can be selected as bright colors. However, the wind in Europe and the United States cannot be controlled by every sister-in-law. It is best to have a height of 160 or more and wear it out to be more avid. What kind of clothes do you wear with flats? If you think that christian louboutin heels you need to consider the coordination of your tops, pants, and shoes to be too much trouble, then come to a dress! Solid color dresses with canvas flat shoes, but also very good! Absolutely youthful bursting! Is an eternal christian louboutin sneakers classic! If you want to go to the beach to play, then come a flowing dress, with a pair of flat sandals ~ is so simple! Let's go, mushroom cool!

    2018-05-19 10:15:21
  • Origin of canvas shoes History of canvas shoes Development of canvas shoes

    First, the origin of canvas shoes The history of the development of canvas shoes

    Canvas shoes have a long history. As early as the 16th century, ordinary people in Europe made "felt-faced shoes" similar to canvas shoes. In the 19th century, many ordinary people in Europe started to wear rubber canvas shoes. However, natural rubber has its own characteristics. The hot days are soft and cold.

    Modern canvas rubber-soled shoes were created by large industrial production. The American inventor Goodyear, in 1839, and many technicians and worker masters, jointly created a "rubber curing process" to harden the natural rubber. Canvas shoes can be more affordable and can be afforded by more ordinary louboutin sale people.

    In the 1960s, the cheapness and skinny of canvas shoes made it, like jeans, a symbol of youth rebellion and hippie spirit. In the classic movie "Graduate", people can remember the "Silent Voices" of the Simon and Governors bands, which are the light brown canvas sneakers on Dustin Hoffman's feet. The Beatles movie "Yellow Submarine" even inspired designers to start graffiti on canvas shoes. The upper became a canvas, and with design elements, the canvas shoes immediately turned over and turned from christian louboutin heels sports equipment to art.

    Canvas shoes main style high top

    Thick rubber soles, canvas uppers, laces, uppers, and high-top canvas uppers louboutin outlet can be described as the real classics in the canvas kingdom. It has become the usiness card?for canvas shoes. The same classic design as this style design is a newspaper cloth.

    High-top canvas shoes are quite satisfactory. They combine the distinct characteristics of young, trendy, simple, and casual canvas shoes. For a long time, they have been the traditional style most loved by canvas shoes lovers all over the world. Because it has rich fabrics ranging from plain to designs, lattices, and special patterns, it also has designs such as full cloth, half cloth, rubber head, and leather, so that it can be used with trousers, shorts, long skirts, and skirts. With collocation.


    Velcro canvas shoes are called "lazy shoes" and are convenient and do not require complicated tying shoes. A gentle one is enough to save us a lot of time.

    Velcro canvas shoes

    The magic buckle also has a very beautiful design that looks both beautiful and convenient.


    The design of high canvas shoes comes from the reference to military boots. The high-to-lower shoe neck can better cover the legs and modify more leg lines. The addition of the military boots style brings a cool alternative to casual canvas laces. However, the niche of high canvas shoes is based on the fact that it is very picky. Legs are long enough to be thin, and the bones are straight enough to wear. Otherwise, it will be self-defeating. High canvas shoes with a neutral, handsome short skirt sent to fully reveal the design of shoes.

    Hand-painted shoes

    Hand-painted shoes, also known as graffiti shoes, painted shoes. It is based on the original solid color finished shoes, according to the style of the shoes, fabrics and the customers' hobbies, the painter paints beautiful and personalized pictures on the upper with special hand-painted paints, and on the basis of not affecting the usability of the shoes, it also adds more. Observability. The pictures of a pair of shoes can be comic cartoons, live-action sketches, landscapes, patterns, or decorative patterns; stories can be accompanied by text, or they can be loved by the customer's own pictures plus true confession. As long as they can be painted, Basically, it can be presented on the upper. Simply put, shoes with handmade painting on the upper are called hand-painted shoes. After the combination of canvas and paint is not easy to fade, hand-painted canvas shoes become possible, they quickly developed. The content of the canvas shoes culture is enriched.

    Baker shoes

    Baker shoes, also known as canvas increased shoes! Designers applied scientific principles to improve the Baker shoes according to Chinese feet and increased demand. The latest thermoplastic elastomer material soles are used to provide a comfortable foot, while the weight is only one-fifth that of the original high-bay shoes. One-third of shoes, even if put on sports still do not feel any burden. On the other hand, coupled with the dynamic shoe style and stylish uppers, Kaoh Baker has been sought after by numerous young people since its launch. He has quickly been pushed to the cutting edge of China's trend and has been hailed by the industry as "the first increase. Shoes! Its appearance has the advantage of canvas shoes and is very popular with young people!

    Story shoes

    Put a pair of pure white canvas shoes side by side, and pull the outer side of the upper to make a painting. When the wearer is moving around, he can seduce passersby to chase and see pictures. Being sought after by young people is one of the popular trends. Using pictures to speak, people also call it: shoes graffiti.

    Couple shoes

    Similar to the couple's shirt, but the couple's pattern was moved to the canvas shoes.

    Anti-static shoes

    Anti-static canvas shoes and shoes use bulk materials PVC or PU foam material to produce soles, which are integrally formed with the upper, and are then reinforced on the line. It can effectively release static electricity, and together with anti-static clothing constitute a complete anti-static system. The christian louboutin heels electrostatic shoes are smart and lightweight. The middle layer of the sole has anti-static EVA to relieve foot pressure and is more soft and comfortable. The fabrics are: canvas/conductive silk/T/C fabric. The overall appearance of finished shoes is generous, strong and non-slip, with excellent abrasion resistance (5 times higher than ordinary soles), and more environmentally friendly. Is the best-selling global high-quality electrostatic shoes.

    Features: The body can be derived from static electricity, shoes do not precipitate dust, can be more effective anti-static dust.

    Applications: Electronics, LCD/LCM/LED, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Instrumentation, Microelectronics, Pharmaceuticals, Food, etc.

    Sole resistance: 106-109 Available in sizes: 34#-50# (220mm-300mm) Material: PU, canvas, anti-static cloth, can be customized according to the requirements of style.

    Anti-static canvas shoes role:

    1.Electrostatic shoes are protective shoes that can eliminate static electricity accumulation and prevent electric shock below 250V. This product is manufactured according to the standard of GB4385-1995.

    2. Mainly applicable to places where electrostatic hazards may occur due to static electricity on the human body, such as combustion, explosion, etc. (such as oil, chemical, coal, printing, rubber, medical, purification, electronics, etc.)

    3, electrostatic shoes and conductive shoes should not be worn at the same time wear insulated wool thick socks and insulated insoles, the prohibition of electrostatic shoes when using insulated shoes.

    4, the use of static shoes should be the site of anti-static ground, the use of conductive shoes should be conductive ground.

    5, electrostatic shoes should be used with static clothing, pay attention to product cleaning, waterproof, moisture.

    6. The resistance test should be performed once during the wearing process, and if the resistance is not within the specified range, it cannot be used as an electrostatic shoe.

    2018-05-17 10:26:22
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