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  • Warm and stylish high-heeled boots, winter is not frozen feet elegant

    Cold weather has gradually approached, but the cold from the feet, then the girls, choose a pair of warm and stylish high-heeled boots is necessary, not only to maintain a beautiful and graceful posture dress, but also to protect your feet from freezing , Whether it is boots or boots design can be very with the autumn and winter clothing, showing elegance, comfort and beauty coexist Oh! Who to wear who is high, see flowers blooming black knee boots, very stylish atmosphere wild. With a dark sweater with simple style to highlight the simple, easy to break the dull autumn and winter, the following with a small black short skirt, and add a touch of handsome, short skirts and boots, the perfect show leg lines, was significantly thin high street style Full, simple with the winter is also very practical, filling the body and personality trend. Classic long section of high-heeled boots, knee length can be better modified your christian louboutin red bottoms leg type, while showing a slender legs. And black wild, you can in the autumn and winter with a variety of single product, will not be out of date. Retro square head design, louboutin heels creative personality, stylish and elegant, two strap design, classic and practical.

    High boots design is very simple and generous, solid color with boots boots on the neat lines, but also highlights the three-dimensional type of boots, put on the feet more texture. Stylish side with the design, walking is very solid, but there are some increased effect, to modify the leg type. Inside the plus velvet design, but also make the thermal effect more significant. For small boots with, we can think of a long section of the woolen jacket, in essence, is also the time to wear a skirt in the early autumn Oh, with a girl fresh fan children's Floral skirt, to one side of the corner to dance, is such Graceful while glamorous Quartet. Comfortable anti-cashmere fabric, stylish and elegant appearance. Metal heel design, modified a different foot curve. Fashion stiletto, bring out the elegant women. Black high heels perfect to bring out the noble and elegant female temperament, interpretation of the meaning of wild, always show the queen-like confidence style. The only woman in the design of black net surface, joined the lace design, so that the cold black lines soften, bringing sweet and lovely atmosphere. Pointed design has a unique sexy taste of women, with fine with, so that every step of the more elegant and confident, unique temperament naturally distributed from the christian louboutin shoes inside out. A personalized high heels for women, it is very important, whether it is to go to work or shopping, to make their stand out, more stylish and more outstanding, NUZ this high-heeled boots can easily meet the requirements of women. Unique horse hair material production, the horse's wild are transplanted to the boots, and more able to highlight the women's personality and modernity; and pointed toe, in the modification of foot shape, but also to wild has been released to make women more Elegant and temperamental.

    2018-02-23 10:16:37
  • British style small shoes, ladies or capable as you can define

    When girls began to wear leather shoes, and now we all like to wear British style shoes, feel that there is a aristocratic temperament, but the British style of small shoes, but not only one style, some christian louboutin shoes also have a lady temperament As well as capable temperament, this should be your own definition, but also to find suitable clothes to match. British style flat white shoes, its sole is made of rubber material, tough and soft, PU upper material is to wear, it will be comfortable to wear soft, but also shallow mouth design, more simple and comfortable. British wind thick platform shoes, it's upper is a Bullock style design, with a retro fashion design, to wear more comfortable, and in line with the curvature curve of the foot, intimate and comfortable. It is shoes with red bottoms the design with the heel, there will be increased to wear the effect, and the upper surface is shiny material, but also decorative tassels, simple and comfortable.

    Flat-bottomed British style small leather shoes, with a round flat with the design, people feel very simple and comfortable, and above is a small lace design, with a certain christian louboutin sale degree of modification effect, make you look more temperament. British style christian louboutin outlet small shoes, it is a flat design, wear it will be comfortable, it is very simple and simple design, without excessive decoration, giving a very simple feeling, and the upper is made of two layers of leather, soft and comfortable. It is a retro design with a college wind, the upper is decorated with a hollow design, but also lace design, an increase of intellectual wind. Rough with the British style small leather shoes, it is a round head design, giving a very friendly feeling, but also with European and American casual style, people feel low-key elegance.

    2018-02-10 10:25:33
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