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Are you still walking with a pair of shoes? Wear pairs of shoes to increase your charisma!

Hot seasons, skirts and clothing will naturally make you shine, but if you wear a pair of unsuitable shoes, it will greatly reduce your charm. Some people say: Look at a woman who is not pretty and looks at clothes. When you look at a woman who is not sophisticated, you have to look at shoes. Shoes are also for occasions you know? Shoes are not only our daily accessories, but also reflect a person's taste. Choose different shoes on different occasions, coordinate with the overall dress, let you be the protagonist of summer. This year's hot-lined sandals can be said to be full of style, elegant and concise style by the stars. It perfectly displays the leg lines of women and maximizes the exposure of the feet. It virtually increases the length of the legs and puts on. Get bigger and longer legs, let you improve the fashion in minutes. A word with sandals + A word skirt: A word skirt is very effective for the modification of the legs and hip lines, there are playful age-reducing effect, with a pair of words with sandals can not only show the vivacious little girls can highlight the big woman's Little sexy, but also can lengthen your leg line, you reach the effect of stovepipe.

Words with Sandals + Jeans: Jeans are a classic single product throughout the year, simple red sole shoes and versatile style allows you to easily match your own style of wearing, want to relax and feel jeans, with a pair of words with sandals, let You instantly feel feminine and clean. Words with sandals + long skirts: long skirts elegant and elegant, beautiful and elegant, with flat shoes will look very short, and a pair of simple high-heeled shoes with a high-heeled style does not rush to bring out the elegant dress, The fluttering skirt interprets purely feminine femininity. Words with sandals + wide leg pants: This year's wide-leg pants with its free and easy heels with red bottoms features, back to the public eye, high-waist line design makes tall people christian louboutin heels wear it even more high, and petite people wear it will Pulling up the figure in the middle, and adding a pair of sandals with a word, can better create a long leg effect. Flat shoes have become more and more women's choice because of their comfortable and versatile style. Varied styles, casual styles, low heels and light textures make you feel tired even if you wear for a long time. No matter what louboutin sale size you are, you can easily take slaves. This is a must-have item for daily leisure.