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Beautiful women please condemnation, choose the right shoes for their own!

Women always have such trouble - like shoes are not cheap, cheap shoes do not like. And girlfriends go shopping together, she can always buy the heart of the shoes, which you are not satisfied which, even if the rush to buy also feel uncomfortable. In fact, comfortable shoes and foot-type relationship is very large, according to their nationality to choose their own shoes. Ladies and gentlemen who can condemnation, for their own choice of appropriate shoes. The most suitable is the tilt of the soles, such as often common slanting louboutin pumps head, oblique tip. Oblique tip Mueller shoes width enough to cover the foot width of the problem, pointed design can make your feet look more slim, with pants dress are good-looking. The word with a bow design Muller shoes, no heel design similar to slippers and sandals, you will love it. Single shoes with a delicate soft sheep suede vamp, highlight the low-key shoes, the feeling of luxury shoes look more elegant and elegant. Simple color so that shoes look more simple and natural, highlighting the unique charm of women's fashion! Pointed design sense also stretched the proportion of body, so that your legs look more beautiful slender. Roman feet are characterized by a straight line of the toes, feet round and lovely, suitable for some retro square shoes, such as Mary Jane shoes or toe wide round shoes. louboutin pumps One word buckle design, easy to wear off, out of the generous self-confidence and elegant style, not the card feet.

Mary Jane is definitely the best choice. The new Korean version of the shoes, with a unique design inspiration, wear on the feet is not to have some charm, suitable for work white-collar work shoes, but also shopping can also wear wild style. Greek foot is characterized by the length of the second toe, also known as the beautiful feet, the most suitable shoe is full of feminine pointed shoes. Is like ladies wind high heels, but also like the tip of the high heels. Female louboutin shoes elegance, sexy, intellectual, all in this pair of high heels on the. Exquisite shoe body design, not only nice to wear also comfortable, its design is more concerned about the beauty of MM feet, wear off christian louboutin outlet very convenient.