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British style small shoes, ladies or capable as you can define

When girls began to wear leather shoes, and now we all like to wear British style shoes, feel that there is a aristocratic temperament, but the British style of small shoes, but not only one style, some christian louboutin shoes also have a lady temperament As well as capable temperament, this should be your own definition, but also to find suitable clothes to match. British style flat white shoes, its sole is made of rubber material, tough and soft, PU upper material is to wear, it will be comfortable to wear soft, but also shallow mouth design, more simple and comfortable. British wind thick platform shoes, it's upper is a Bullock style design, with a retro fashion design, to wear more comfortable, and in line with the curvature curve of the foot, intimate and comfortable. It is shoes with red bottoms the design with the heel, there will be increased to wear the effect, and the upper surface is shiny material, but also decorative tassels, simple and comfortable.

Flat-bottomed British style small leather shoes, with a round flat with the design, people feel very simple and comfortable, and above is a small lace design, with a certain christian louboutin sale degree of modification effect, make you look more temperament. British style christian louboutin outlet small shoes, it is a flat design, wear it will be comfortable, it is very simple and simple design, without excessive decoration, giving a very simple feeling, and the upper is made of two layers of leather, soft and comfortable. It is a retro design with a college wind, the upper is decorated with a hollow design, but also lace design, an increase of intellectual wind. Rough with the British style small leather shoes, it is a round head design, giving a very friendly feeling, but also with European and American casual style, people feel low-key elegance.