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Coats and expensive, not a pair of good shoes with the shape should collapse

For the body modification, many of my friends are focused on clothes, often neglect the role of shoes. Take the winter, the beautiful girl will use the neat coats instead of thick down jacket, if accompanied by a pair of red bottom shoes for women knee boots, from top to bottom, one-piece dress your fashion, so that you are everywhere Beautiful, is it more perfect? Over the knee boots, but red bottom heels one second eye-catching fashion weapon, lengthen the proportion of the legs in the vertical direction, so that the long-legged girl more slender, short-legged sister looked tall, super power to have wood! Whether it is with a woolen skirt, or tight trousers, each one is eye-catching style, so that you sometimes soft Meng, sometimes domineering, become a can not be ignored landscape. Full of moisture Hanfan children, is the pursuit of fashion mushroom cool not to be missed boots. Flexible material selection, easy to wear off, lace design, add some playful sense, highlight the full vitality, whether it is pants or dresses, you can match a lot of color. If you want low-key luxury, then this leather boots to meet your needs. Delicate cortex, against the background of the black, more simple and elegant atmosphere, with the meaning of extravagance, plus velvet leggings + woolen red sole shoes shorts, the interpretation of fresh but warm dress, so that you the United States to burst Oh ~

Can be closely fit the leg stretch fabric, so the curves show the most vividly, the length of the knee, it is a test of a person's body, more suitable for tall tall mushroom cool, bright heel, highlight the unique design sense, with On the sexy dress, super eye-catching on the street with wood! Than the multicolored gorgeous, solid color has a better inclusive, without a trace of variegated black suede, rendering a steady atmosphere, give you more choices, whether it is beautiful light-colored dress, or classic jeans , It can be no "gap" to accommodate, show your charm. For the height of the girls are not ideal, no more detailed dress is not as good as a pair of high-heeled boots. "Tibet" up in the increase, unwittingly allow you to have a tall body, the three-dimensional cut boots, so legs become thin and long, beautiful incredible it ~ no more louboutin shoes than black color of the atmosphere, Introverted color brings countless ways to match. Have a good stretch, it is easy to wear off, simple alignment, to weaken the small thick legs, legs thick sister is suitable, coupled with pretty small skirts, the overall was thin properly!