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Curious, why girls always want to buy a big yard high heels?

I believe christian louboutin outlet many girls who love to eat melon have a doubt, that is why the actress often participates in high-heeled shoes than her feet. Today Xiao Bian came to give everyone doubts, because in fact it is because of it! Many girls who walk for a long time wearing high heels or sitting office legs will be swollen. This is why most girls feel the tightness and feet after the afternoon, so buying a big yard of shoes can be very good to avoid swollen feet. Caused by wearing discomfort. Many shoes, even if they are exactly the same size, will have a strong grinding on the heel, and buying a big yard of high-heeled shoes will not have such a painful feeling. If you feel that it is a little loose, you can just use it after you use it. If you feel that the freshman code doesn't look good, and you want to avoid the foot trouble caused by swollen feet, you may wish to liberate your feet this season, and use a pair of beautiful and timid kicks to complete a comfortable outfit!

Do you want to dress too deliberately when you go shopping? So red bottom pumps this pair of lazy and stylish sense of the word toe sandals is very suitable for you, the metal toe sets look trendy and avant-garde, and the design of fine laces makes the feet more delicate and good to wear It looks good! Who says that sandals cannot be exquisite? The sandals are embellished with glossy beaded decorations to give people a chic and personalized style of high street, and the unique low-heeled design can be realized for you while ensuring the comfort of your outfit. Increase the effect of fashion lazy stars do not miss it! The flat-bottom Muller shoes red bottom heels with a sense of sophistication and sophistication are made of three-dimensional and exquisite wooden ear trimmed uppers, followed by feminine pointed-toe shoes, giving a half-half of a half-dozen girls. Charm. The velvet material is born with a kind of extravagance. In addition to displaying the sense of luxury, it is made of shoes with a rich and elegant style. The design of the color stitching makes the single product more attractive, and the wear is beautiful. Tired and delicate fairy. If you are pursuing a minimalist and versatile style of dress, then this word with a sandal is a good choice. The simple strap decorated with the upper, gives a delicate and delicate feel, red bottom heels multi-color optional to fully meet your Aesthetic taste is definitely a summer best product that is actually worn and taken.