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Do you really know what a desert boots do?

You may not really understand the desert boots Desert boots can be really really hot ah, those who clamoring for boys want to buy desert boots because of good-looking, or have a feeling of desert boots? During World War II, the British army garrison Myanmar, the British generation of shoe experts Clarks family fourth generation descendant Nathan Clark joined the army, found a christian louboutin sale simple and comfortable anti-fur classic march leisure boots, after returning home to improve the design, put two On the lapel on the 2,3 pairs of tie holes drilled to facilitate the customer to adjust the shoe body elastic and wear off; before and after the two pieces of soft leather firmly stitched, and the orange suture for signs. This is the originator of desert boots. No lining of the shoes and tendon line sewing, simple two-hole straps to suede for the upper, without any modification of the folds of the raw rubber is its main feature. The overall shoe, including the toe, more flat, wide-legged boys can try. Desert boots with more wild, style can be more trendy personality, suitable for young and energetic young people. Men with the most test details, the conditions under christian louboutin sale which to carefully understand the culture of shoes, not just to avoid jokes, christian louboutin sale but also more experience, more taste and style between the conversation. Trousers with a slightly closed legs, the volume does not roll you free, or choose the beam pants. Bloggers learn self-cultivation, capable and decent! Clothes and shoes fabric color coordination, seductive!

If the socks with bright colors, it will be very colorful, full of trend. If you want to take a steady line, gray shoes or boots with the same darker color is good. Socks can also be integrated into Plaid, stripes, stitching, wave points and other elements. Then some of the more conservative and want to pull the wind with it, then refer to the next "a black" skills, especially black pants + black socks + louboutin pumps black shoes, minute long legs big rhythm. With denim clothing (including pants, shirts, jackets, vests ...), comes with cool attributes. And each guy is a man, a good match. Followed by the work clothes with a single style of clothing (shirts, vests, pants, jackets ...), also comes with male hormone properties, full of masculinity.