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High heel for a long time to change the hallux valgus, then do not wear flat shoes who choose?

What is the hallux christian louboutin sale valgus? May have many people have not heard of this medical terms, but look at the small qi to you to find this picture, you should see should know. Yes, is such a long foot, christian louboutin heels seemingly a bit deformed, it is the hallux valgus. Refers to a joint out of the shift, but also out of this partial sense of migration, it is a beautiful sense of a sense of vision, especially in the summer when the baby with this symptom are generally reluctant to wear Sandals of course, this time there must be a lot of people will wonder, why would such a deformed foot? What is the reason for its formation? Small qi find a lot of information, to the baby sorted out, classified as the following: genetic inheritance. Due to some joints, muscles, nerves and other reasons, may lead to such a situation, and such symptoms are likely to be inherited to the next generation. rheumatoid arthritis caused by the hallux valgus. According to many medical circles that the reasons for the formation of hallux valgus, there may be due to perennial rheumatic diseases caused by. through the tight or too high shoes. The incidence of hallux valgus is much higher than the male, which is a large part of the reason is because women love the United States, like to wear them more prominent temperament of high heels, and time is too long, then there will be christian louboutin sale such symptoms.

We all know that many stars because of the work will take a long time to wear high heels, so careful observation will find that many stars are such a hallux valgus, it is a beautiful effect of the foot. So how can this foot type be better corrected and repaired? Barefoot walking. Especially in the summer when approaching, to try to find time to strengthen barefoot walking, exercise their own foot muscles, delay the degree of deterioration of hallux valgus. Try to avoid passing through high or too tight shoes. High heels choice, try not to be higher than 4 cm, and the circumstances permit, it is recommended in the office with a pair of flat shoes, do not need to move, put on flat shoes to ease the foot muscles tight oppression. Night with hot feet, relieve soft tissue spasm.

Choose the right appliance. Every night to come home from work, so that when you can try this kind of appliance to help themselves ease it continues to red sole shoes deteriorate.