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High heels to buy high with the right?

Every girl should have a pair of high heels, because it can not only extend the height of the proportion, showing shoes with red soles graceful body, but also the female sexy and elegant temperament perfect interpretation of it. Although the charm of high heels is very attractive to women, but also to buy the right to do, wear comfortable is a pair of good high heels. High heels comfort with the height of the heel has a great relationship, too high to walk instability, and the feet are not good; too low and can not play a very good role in the increase, not a good show of female charm. In general, the 7.5cm with the right, and not like the days of high so difficult to control, it does not christian louboutin outlet like the kind of 3-4cm can not increase the role. Xiaobian today to bring you a wave of high just high heels, wearing a very comfortable Oh ~ high-heeled design, 7.5cm with, just a good height, both to modify the body, walking and tired feet. Pointed design, sexy and elegant, coupled with the Department of the mouth was thin V mouth design, add a touch of sexy, coupled with the most popular cat this year, fashion sense full.

Scrubs, temperament ladies, very feminine yo ~ upper decorated with sweet lace stitching side of the breathable net yarn shoes, fashion and the value of peers, comfort and charm coexist, the value is high ~ fight color design has always been Fashion circle of the elements of the trend, this shoe two colors are very harmonious splicing, very fashionable, coupled with a pointed one with the design, filling sexy and elegant. Ankle buckle added a cord, can be adjusted, more fit, more comfortable. Fight color to simple and easy with the style, red bottom heels fashion sexy high-based, layered sense of color and realistic fashion color fusion, with different tone color matching fabric, coupled with metal accessories and other elements, showing a more rich, texture of the trend Color, fashion more louboutin pumps sexy. Design on the more distinctive, toe at the use of exquisite bow design, lines neat, always so charming, casual, simple and comfortable. Pointed design, very attractive yo ~