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How to wear high heels do not tired, 3 tips to tell you

High heels have been women that is a painful beauty, because wearing a long time will feel the foot of all kinds of discomfort. However, as long as you master the three little tips, high heels can also wear very comfortable. One: wear high heels after walking steps to step a little smaller, and keep the toes have been pointing to the front. Two: walking, the legs will be tight, try to let the heel first to the ground, and slowly to cl shoes the power to the toes. Three: to the home can immediately take off high heels, barefoot walking on the floor, so that activities can bare joints, relieve fatigue. As well as here to share with you a new louboutin pumps way to wear new heels, that is, when wearing, with a hair dryer blowing a few minutes, so wear it is more fit, it will not feel so tired.

Thick with high heels no tired foot tired of the wind, not only the appearance of beautiful, but also very fashionable. Natural rubber soft bottom, more protective christian louboutin sale feet, even if the distance away will not feel tired. Shoes or to choose good quality, because if the quality is not good, halfway bad on the embarrassment. Sharp head, very thin, because it is patent leather, selling phase is also very good Exquisite workmanship, will not appear unnecessary embarrassment, you can wear very rest assured. Leather shoes, always give us a different feeling, even if the dress for a long time, it is still bright as ever, this is the patent leather benefits. Lace of red bottom pumps high heels, even more fashion, quality has also stood the test.

Suede shoes are also good, very stylish and generous, rubber is not only wearing more comfortable uncomfortable feet, soles are also covered with anti-skid, there will not be because of the embarrassment of the fall and fall. Comfortable inside to make the feet feel more comfortable, wearing more comfortable. Pointed pattern lattice with high heels, not only beautiful but also very fashionable, three colors, for our choice. Comfortable inside, so that our feet feel better, put on is also very significant temperament. With sequins of high heels, very bright, especially in the sun off the following, I believe that wearing high heels you will be very eye-catching. If it is a little more, you will find that it changes little by little.

This pair of straps of high heels, very sexy. Imported suede, whether it is texture or selling are very good, whether it is shopping or travel, I believe this pair of high heels, will let the powder countless. Fine high heels compared to thick heels, is a bit more sexy. Soles and inside the design are exhaustive, let us wear a more comfortable fit, especially like the black, not only sexy atmosphere, but also very temperament.