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How to wear? High heels let you make a workplace pretty woman!

How to wear the workplace, has always been the workplace crush are very troublesome problem. Workplace rules and regulations in particular, so many MM in order to avoid mistakes, will choose the most conservative single product as a daily workplace wear. But too traditional single product also has its drawbacks, it will let your personal image bleak, submerged in the vast sea, so how can create a new world it? Many people will wonder: why actress wear high heels are not tired feet, there are small tips? As a tall not just 1 m 6 Xiaobian, it is simply envy those tall guy! The fastest way to grow fast is to wear a pair of high heels! But high heels people love and hate it! The original ah, wearing high heels is a small secret! Come and see! Generally just bought back the shoes, if immediately on the feet of the words will be very hard, for some time to wear down, the feet will be very painful. At this time we can use hair dryer, hot windshield against the shoes blowing a few, the purpose of doing so is to make a little heat to heat the expansion, and christian louboutin red bottoms then on the feet, you will feel a lot of comfort. In addition, we can also use a sealed plastic bag on the shoes, put a little water, put a night in the refrigerator, the next day the shoes will not squeeze feet friends. Too troublesome words, we can wear socks, and then wear high heels, walking around at home a few laps, the shoes will become loose enough to wear some of the feet. Black high heels version of the type of modification of your delicate white feet, elegant and generous Fine heel with the heel, bring out your tall and slender tall figure, was thin and high. Ultra-fine with the version type, for you to bring out the tall and thin body. Shallow mouth version of the type, modified exquisite white ankle, so you are fascinating and the atmosphere every step. Unique color design, filling out your decent fashion taste and match. Fine with the version type, as the princess's crystal shoes are generally elegant and elegant.

High heels is not only fashion, but also focus on inadvertently reveal the temperament, fine with pointed design, can be a lot of fashionable dress, dressed, more beautiful and moving Oh! Do not red bottom heels pick the age does not pick character, high heels is a kind of love the spirit, as long as who wear it can bloom gorgeous side. Just listen to it crisp and sweet pound, appreciate it very elegant posture, it is enough to make people feel comfortable. In addition to the static beauty, high heels walking is also very touching, so that the scenery no matter how good the lack of high heels beauty is also quite boring. Small size, wearing a special foot particularly delicate. Smooth lines, beautiful range, set off a delicate sense of bone, filling the elegant christian louboutin shoes feminine. Leather feel feels good, although the fine but very stable, with stockings to wear very temperament, wearing a very comfortable, not tired feet, classic fashion! Then no longer with a fancy single christian louboutin shoes sale product, a pair of simple pointed heels is a good choice. The so-called clothing as its people, we have to go through the professional yet stylish, elegant charm of the wear to show their professionalism in the workplace and extraordinary ability! At any time to make your sense of fashion soaring high heels is your best workplace assistant, high-heeled strong and atmospheric field impressive. Sharp charm more in line with the fast-paced career career, let you make a careerplace pretty!