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Jeans + shoes, high retention rate is so wear out

In the major fashion week, not only the brand of new products will christian louboutin sale be compelling, off the street shooting and other exciting pictures is the major media and photographers to capture the object, and look around the world street shooting and wear photos , But also red bottom pumps we learn to follow, or find the subject of wearing inspiration. The gods are ingenuity of a single product selection is worth a visit. In the public street shot is popular in the narrow version, broken pants models, but the jeans is a classic presence, version of the variable sections of the jeans so that the boy's wear with another different style of presentation , More casual and comfortable, but also very simple to be able to catch the popular wave of shoes. The whole pants without the extra willow nail and other extra decoration, relying on the tailoring and fabric texture, respect minimalist retro and Ami Katsui Fan children, flanging design only let you COOL to no friends, four seasons through wear, match christian louboutin shoes All kinds of T-shirts, shirts, vests have to be leg, feet to double canvas shoes, shoes, all kinds of sports shoes, girls can wear Oh, you will feel minimal charm. Inherited the previous generation of trousers pants another new force, high-cost clothing washing technology, suitable for human body flexion and extension of the ergonomic cut version, the details of reinforcement cable, clean and neat effect is in place, greatly enhance the skin of the pants experience The In the fine details, in the leather card, trousers, table bags, buttons, and after the bag line are using a new design, and strive to a strong sense of stereoscopic self-cultivation to create In narrow body style.

Creative, uninhibited, has always been our pursuit of the idea, this section of jeans to small Harlan version of the type of casual leisure. High-quality denim fabric, skin-friendly and durable wear Exquisite workmanship, to retro elements embellishment, strong sense of quality! Start in the original, loyal to the quality! Black was thin Oh! Miss the past, but the time to rush to retain the indirect, follow the retro to do the old style, this jeans after washing the white process, whitening texture to create a sense louboutin shoes sale of nostalgia. Free personality of the hole element with a white ink paint dotted out of the novel unruly trend style, so that the original slightly ordinary feet Harlan jeans give a unique personality feel. Accompanied by a black shirt, more able to highlight a unique male charm.