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Long skirt and boots encounter, this fall as elegant as a sense of elegance!

Even if the weather cooler, cents cents beauty of the skirt can still sweep the street shot, most girls are skirt after all, the owner of the skirt. Knees below the length of the long skirt just can help you over the autumn, fashion up to teach you how to match a pair of boots to fall also put a different kind of style million. Covered with a long skirt color skirt, simple version of the type of how many broken fold, the whole body of christian louboutin sale the tone of the moment the sun a lot of subtle, there is no cool at the same time can maintain a quiet fresh beauty, quite ladies Fan The With a large brand of naked pink high heels, simple and comfortable visual effects so that you have been on the road in the fashion up! A set of solid color long-sleeved dress, high-cold black gas heart to take the personality design, it is so simple with the pair of rough with pointed shoes, personality gentle, the same is a fall of the wind If the flat shoes is willing to release nature, christian louboutin red bottoms then the high heels is the founder of the gas field, for the self-confidence and live! We see this pair of high-heeled boots will not be unfamiliar, yes, that is, this pair of Yang Mi wear to burst the style, at the airport interpretation of the same paragraph with a variety of colors.

Pointed + charm with the design, just right edge exposed, yet feminine, there is a indifferent beauty, do not deliberately pretend to show the temperament and grace. Stretch silk satin fabric elegant stitching skills, mercerizing texture, high-end taste is better to wear uncomfortable feet. In this fall and winter stepping on such a convincing big-name boots, like a louboutin shoes low profile really did not mean that. Moderate just good elasticity is a pair of socks boots with high posture, and socks boots terminal taste must be the thickness of the elastic stockings, these are a pair of good shoes must have the height, we use the German imports of machinery, repeated debugging, after 1.5 million times the stretch experience, and ultimately found the quality of the ratio, to ensure that the shoes are not deformed and foot comfort in the case of the calculation of the Lakka socks and the elasticity of the surface of the delicate sense of easy foot The Handsome full of leather, perfect Slim version, sexy V-neckline, these are a qualified punk wind with the most quality, hit the color of the shirt to take, to highlight the overall light, although not dazzling color But in the autumn and winter so that the streets out of the street, if not fire I think some rain can explain through the rain. Of course, all this dress can be how much less popular this year, hot socks boots it? Seemingly arbitrarily set a simple section of the socks boots but also domineering exposed style.

Round head with individuality simple section socks boots, for the foot type is not much of a request, even if you are high heels refused to those who will be very easy to control this socks boots, ankle designer puzzled heap to create, broke the Monotonous boredom, is a good choice for concave shape. Invisible inner comfort & sense of security: you are not many times in doubt that this pair of shoes in the end how to wrap your feet, let it go with the desire to show beautiful curvature? In fact, this we have long been arranged in the red sole shoes shoes inside a pair of real shallow mouth shoes ~ ~