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Mature men, there are always double weather-beaten boots

Men become mature day, that is, when he bought boots! Xiaobian understanding is: when young people are young, natural like sports shoes; sports shoes style update fast, bright colors. However, sports shoes can not stay with you for a long time, if the need for quality and timely style of wild shoes, that boots is the most cost-effective choice. The majority of those who choose tooling boots have worn athletic shoes. But do not want to wear style ordinary business shoes. Tooling boots is a compromise choice, it can make people maintain proper personality, but also not incompatible with the workplace environment. Speaking of tooling boots, the first thing that comes to mind is the warmth, tough guy, domineering, gentleman, fashion, and loved by the influx of people. Tooling boots were first developed during the western United States. Productivity increased dramatically. A large number of outdoor workplaces were born. In order to cope with all kinds of manual labor, durable tooling boots appeared. At that time, laborers and later army soldiers put it down. From rawhide selection, to make leather, and then sewn into boots, all aspects are strictly controlled. Although the appearance of slightly bulky old, but excellent warmth is really the best choice for this season shoes.

It's also very picky - not all leather, can become rhubarb boots. Rhubarb boots only choose wear-resistant, non-deformable double pure leather. Vamps are made of high-quality full-grain leather and matte leather, calfskin inner lining; double-layered pure leather in the bottom; boots are also made of genuine leather, and after special treatment. Martin boots divided into short boots, boots, boots three kinds of general short paragraph Martin boots are more louboutin sale common, that is christian louboutin heels similar to the kind of shoe that ankle style. A lot of color patterns, black is the most traditional, brown louboutin outlet is the most conservative. Crusty Martin boots in just wearing shortly after the run-in period of their own feet and boots red bottom heels is very painful, not an ordinary "foot" can describe the bitter,