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Need to pay attention to the maintenance of shoes

Men's shoes to buy and maintain how to choose the size? The appropriate shoes how to choose the size of the heel heel and heel is not tight but not just good match, the front of the foot to stay 5-10mm tip section can stay 20-25mm shoes lumbar fossa and bow anastomosis, waist must hold the foot, shoes The center of gravity should meet the foot of the center of gravity, foot pressure is basically uniform, if try the size of shoes is not appropriate, should choose a large shoe code. Buy immediately after the maintenance: new shoes and not coated with shoe polish, shoes with red soles in order to protect the new shoes, before red bottom heels wearing, with castor oil in the soles of the seams part of the rub again, you can strengthen the waterproof effect. While the upper wiping a layer of oil, can make the hard upper shiny, soft. If you want to keep a long run, you can use fresh milk rubbed again, will receive unexpected results. Leather shoes to the rain, how to protect the shoes first remove the dirt, suck out the moisture inside the shoe, and then desiccant (if not, can be used instead of paperboard) into the shoes, put ventilated cool place to dry, half an hour later, then For desiccant. After drying the raw chicken oil, and then hit the shoe again. Put two days after the shoe can be hit again, avoid exposure, baking. Wear shoes should first release the shoelace and then use the shoe poles: weekdays with caution, is the first step in the maintenance of shoes. The shoes are damaged more from the heel. Therefore, you can use shoes to wear shoes. Home can be prepared long handle, and usually ready to carry with you. In addition, when the shoes do not squeeze hard, wearing a shoelace shoes should be developed to wear the lace and then wear the habit.

Too frequent wear, will make the upper, soles produced frequent twists and turns load, easy to bad. Soles prone to wear deformation affect gait, resulting in leg and foot disease. Shoes have a strong ability to absorb sweat, timely replacement of shoes can christian louboutin outlet make water vapor, sweat full distribution, the shoes, feet, the physiological function of protection. To moisture point, mold and prevent shoes deformation as the center. Seasonal shoes should be carefully cleaned in time christian louboutin heels to remove dirt dust. Uppers appear crack, to repair it, and then carefully marked with shoe polish. Collection of shoe polish can not be painted too much, because the shoes have a certain degree of volatility and dry bath, storage for a long time, but caused the skin dry. Collection of the best coated with a little raw chicken, lard or glycerin lard, can keep the leather soft and moist without deformation.