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Not a pair of Lok Fu shoes, how can fashion the whole autumn?

Into the autumn cool, the weather turned around, clever little fairies have long been ready for the fall, then this time do not forget to give their shoes to a large exchange of blood ah. Xiaobian today to give you recommend is simple and reliable music shoes. In fact, in the earliest time Carrefour shoes are men's casual shoes, I think we certainly did not think of it It is not only elegant shape, but also because it is flat shape, so by the majority of the trend of girls like and respected. Carrefour shoes are also varied species, but each will let you have a different trend of the class. christian louboutin for men Tassel is really suitable for autumn this season, it always gives a smart and meticulous feeling, the wind swaying it is the customs million. Tassel music shoes naturally in your blessing shoes to join the shoes with red soles tassel embellishment, usually most of them will be embellished on the upper, elegant among the time there is a playful style, so you have become fashionable and lively between gestures The

Gloss rivet along the edge of a circle of soles, naturally showing a little uninhibited handsome. Tassel decoration decorated in the upper, and into the pearl of the decoration, the two together with a very harmonious, elegant among a more elegant. The ingenious design of the knot and the tassel is unique. Toe micro-plus low-heeled design allows you to wear up very comfortable. Wine red leather and wood grain with the end of the color effect to give enough fashion sense. Horse buckle shape with an asymmetrical design, as a whole brought a good sense of luxury at the same time, it is particularly new and unique chic. Mixed on the superposition of tassel design, more overall to bring a soft atmosphere. Soft sheepskin and the first layer of leather with the christian louboutin outlet wear and tread with the function to the extreme, the classic small side with your elegant temperament to show the most vividly. Simple horse buckle dotted on the upper, not only look a little light and extravagant.

Piston shoes is characterized by its upper in the upper there is a belt across the upper, and in the ribbon christian louboutin red bottoms above a cut. According to legend, a student in the incision inside the stuffed into a penny, the results found just right, this has the pennant music shoes shoes. In fact, what is the meaning of this root tie, who do not know, but nice not on the line? Along the shoe to do a group of hollow carved delicate design, making the shoes look more beautiful and beautiful. Classic ribbon decorated on the upper, the incision has done a very careful design, very nice.