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Note it! This is the popular pop song this summer is the case

Unconsciously to the summer, and for most of the tide in terms of men, shirts, canvas shoes or fashion shoes is not important, and to end the summer burst, to create a cool leisure themselves, naturally, ultimately, a pair of looks There are very practical grades of beach shoes friends. Installed artifacts must be the beginning of the feet, to create a different, with unique achievements in order to become the focus of the eyes of fans, oh, then Xiaobian and then look at what the word drag the most popular this summer it. The temperature of these days growing, I believe that many tide men have begun to pick on this kind of sandwich sandals it, wild fashion modeling, whether it is home or outside wear are highlight the taste, comfortable wear soles, wear not Do not wear feet Oh, even in the summer walk in the stone beach can also be easy. The biggest advantage of the British slippers is very strong, after all, sandwiched slippers walking on the road suddenly broke very embarrassing, but this men do not marvel Oh, selected high-quality rubber foam, modeling fashion atmosphere, wear Up is also a super superior, with denim shorts or casual beach pants are very handsome it Do not like the rubber upper of the men can choose this trend in Europe and the United States, you see it the whole shape and ordinary characters dragged out exactly the same, but in the upper hand clever use of the design of woven bags, fashion city, And the feeling of red sole shoes holiday beach. In addition, the upper of the woven bag is also comfortable and breathable.

British wind sandwich slippers are always the existence of the leather surface elements, such as Xiao Bian recommended this character drag, brown and red bottom heels blue two colors show men's luxury charm, leather uppers, simple but not simple , And wear more than other models of sandals more shoes with red bottoms high-end atmosphere of the grade, access to convenient, with more convenient. Summer two kinds of flip is also very sought-after, in the beach leisure can be used as a slippers to wear, filling the sea play in the fun. Daily life can also be used as sandals, walking convenience, come and go freely. Summer super cool colors and comfortable wear-resistant large soles, easy to release your feet, so you more enjoy the charm of the flip flop. Cool summer, let the word drag you cool, give you handsome. This is a classic flip flop, yellow, khaki and brown three colors are more popular this year, slippers tone, it is no age distinction, to the father or to her husband can easily control, leather fabric comfortable breathable, refined The workmanship looks very grade it Tide men flip, naturally enjoy the British wind domineering and beauty myself. High-quality leather material, absorbent sweat breathable and very texture, exquisite car dealers in full accordance with the proportion of Asian men to louboutin shoes build the proportion of foot, comfortable wild, regardless of the seaside vacation or daily friends gathering, this cool drag and wear are very Support it