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Obviously also modified legs of the V-shaped shoes, you do not love it

It is estimated that most of the girls know that V-neck has a small role in the role of small neck, the same effect is also used in the shoes Oh. In recent louboutin heels years, the fashion circle gradually popular from the V shoes, cleverly exposed the instep, plus little bit with the high, and instantly let people was significantly thin, visually longer legs, so you do not love shoes? V shoes with a really super simple. Especially with nine points jeans, suit pants match, micro-exposed ankle, coupled with the instep micro-exposed, because the shoes open part of the skin will be attributed to the length of the legs to go, is simply bring their own lengthening effect, Become refreshing. The In addition to the unique style of the first square V-mouth shoes, pointed fine with the V-shoes can show women's slender charm, it is too feminine. As long as a simple set of basic clothing with it, can be elegant and knowledgeable, more unique gas field. This spring, and quickly put up it! Handsome retro small shoes, the upper is a small sheepskin, the feet are very soft and comfortable, whether it is cowboy, pencil or skirt can take Sole use of high-end rubber at the end of wear-resistant anti-skid and toughness is also better, wearing comfortable. Small high-heeled design, shopping will not be tired Oh

Tip fine with V mouth shoes. Deep V, and is a small pointed design, it is really a clever sense, had to tip on the modified foot type, legs were long, plus deep V design, more to stretch the proportion of the entire leg. And 6.5 cm small is that we have been looking for, whether with a skirt or 9 points pants, can highlight the elegant temperament of the United States. Leather feet V mouth shoes. The overall foot of the shoes is very thin, but red bottom shoes for women also very good to modify the foot type. In order to add a comfortable foot feeling, in the end filled with thicker high-density foam, and then paste in front of the end of a layer of delicate soft foam, double foam elasticity and softness are very comfortable christian louboutin for men The Suede sexy high heels. With the tip with the curvature of the glass out of the shoe type, so that the perfect foot showing sexy magic. From the design concept, high-quality suede hollow hollow foot strap process, Italian hand-craftsmanship, so that you in the gorgeous colorful workplace come to the fore! In the heel with high heels. V-design of the upper, slightly leak toe seam, super sexy. The upper is made of imported calfskin, which is made of pigskin, ventilated and breathable. Such a pair of shoes, with a dress, simply beautiful stay. And the height of the little with a little bit will not be tired Oh.

Unique square head design, after the foot with other shoes completely different Oh. Solid design, simple and generous, but also very easy to wear, as long as the direct set of feet on it, convenient and quick. Flat with the design, looked at the road to very comfortable, to catch a wide leg pants, the United States and the red bottom heels United States to go shopping! Pure type, high quality uppers more soft fit feet. Smooth rough with the design, even if you are not used to wear high heels you can also easily control Oh Front of the V-shaped design, so that shoes do not look so rigid, add a sub-bright color.