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Road at the foot of the close contact with the shoes

Handmade men's shoes, designed by experienced craftsmen, fashion designers. Shoes are cortex, but also belong to the casual style, there is no great age limit, most boys can wear. Decoration style is also very simple, very real shooting is not very fancy skills, the performance of sincere and show quality. Very soft a small leather shoes, simple classic version of the type, shoelace is elastic material, wearing comfortable and easy to wear off. Very classic fashion to do a small dirty shoes, the side is hit the color of the five-pointed star design, very simple basic section of leather shoes. Loose base section of the five-point sleeve T-shirt, cuff and hem hole design is very personalized, behind the letter of the letter printing, simple leisure lazy style. Simple one hit color stripes long-sleeved shirt jacket, hem irregular length cut design is very personalized, the details of the trend, exquisite wild. Very delicate fashion a woven belt, relatively small and very convenient, red bottom shoes for women do not need to Zhaokong, no matter how much you can use the waist, soft and durable leather.

Tight version of the design is very thin, in front of a very red sole shoes personalized color of the feathers louboutin pumps combined into a handsome mask, very special wild. Simple black and white short-sleeved T-shirt, the ribbon on the arm is very popular this year, version of the more relaxed and comfortable to wear wild. Simple solid color base black and white t-shirt, stylish geometric printing, very red sole shoes special design, wild and durable style.