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Rough heel is the trend? In fact, fine shoes is the protagonist!

Fine heels with extremely fine christian louboutin for men roots to show the delicate elegance, as well as the more pointed head to show the sexy mature known, loved by many women. But in recent years the emerging rough with high heels are also very popular, great to catch up with the trend of fine heels. But to say that women can show red sole shoes the sexy charm or fine with high heels doing my part. Xiaobian below for everyone to choose several cost-effective high heels! Suede high-heeled shoes, their own color can be maintained for a long time, but also easy to clean. Suitable for matching skirts, trousers and other clothing. Pure color shoes are generally more solemn, harmonious. So you can wear it to work, or to attend the banquet, shopping can be. Heel 5 cm high, shopping do not have to worry about tired feet Ultra-fine very fine roots, hold up the whole slim figure, sharp head appears mature and delicate. 10 cm height, you need a very stable walking position. If you think your graceful figure is too ordinary, it may wish to try this lady Department of ultra-fine heels, give your body plus a point!

Suede high red bottom shoes heels, as well as the upper diamond side buckle, this diamond square buckle is one of the highlights of this pair of shoes uppers. Reasonable design and width to wear very comfortable, height is also appropriate, do not wear too tired, usually work can wear Oh! The whole pair of shoes are partial dark color, easy to give a relatively low-key feeling. At first glance to see this high heels when you want to be the same surprise with Xiao Bian, how could there be christian louboutin red bottoms such a lovely high heels, that the back of the bow looks very cute, and from the front to see this high heels is pointed, both There is a sexy front of the charming, but also behind the lovely and moving. This is a pair of perfect high heels! Pure silver cool upper, giving a low-key luxury sense, the distance at first glance is the gray shoes, near to see it is exudes the silver light high heels, people put it down. And silver luster can also bring out the skin's luster, a white long legs, but that the number of girls expect! High heels called OL work interview shoes, as to why, it must be because of its shape. Interview the most important thing is the image, then this high heels can give you what is the advantage that it is decent design, feel the color, which can give you the image of extra points. With suits, red, black can be preferred Oh

This is very fine roots, people have to be careful to hold live, this is a process of girls walking attitude, completed in the future you can wear more fine shoes are not afraid, wearing high heels girls walk with other people is not the same Of the more graceful, and more charming! This high heels is relatively high, it is recommended to have skilled girls wear. Fine heel shoes heels for spring and autumn, and now just ready to enter the fall, why not choose their own set of suitable high heels for the upcoming autumn to add a landscape at the same time for their own temperament plus a point! Plan to change the beauty of the first step is to learn to dress up!