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Sandals industry, the little black dress with the word in the end how beautiful

Do not think that thin hands on the road in fashion is always smooth sailing. Thin thin stature often means "can not afford" clothes and shoes. Feet thin or petite girl please try to choose the same strip with sandals. From the visual christian louboutin outlet point of view, the strip is more light than the coarse belt, the larger area of ??the bare makes the feet more visually full. Whether it is weekdays casual or formal occasions, with a strip of sandals are the most classic choice. Many of the words with sandals are very thin, so we will see two thin bands or side by side, or cross, or wrapped together. Summer will inevitably wear colorful, complex pattern of printing, a pair of simple thin belt with sandals to ensure enough style but not grab the limelight. But if you really do not belong to the slim and tall type, even the thigh slightly thick calf slightly strong, try to avoid using too much naked thigh with a thin sandals bar

As the saying goes, there is no comparison there is no harm, wearing a word with sandals, feet fat family if the selection of fine belt style, must be more fat feet Feiduo feet. The advantage of the rough style is that by reducing the bare area of ??the feet, visually help the feet "reduce fat". This is not the waist and do not wear exposed umbilical equipment, legs do not wear hot pants is a reason, is not difficult to understand? Coarse tape also has a wide range of points, you can choose red bottom heels according to personal preferences. Many girls because of perennial wear pointed high heels two thumb valgus, one to wear sandals to worry about the red bottom heels season. This time the feet for the thin belt, and the following band slightly wider (wide to cover your thumb eversion) of the word with sandals like a life-saving straw, perfect cover the lack of foot type and if you are white Most of the girls have been jealous of death), then you have almost no restrictions on the color of the shoes. But white, is to be white and healthy white. No color of the pale or try not to try bright red, try to choose color or metallic color, color red bottom shoes for men gloss can effectively reduce the sense of pale.

Black is the "all-around player": it is the most wild, you can with pants chic and capable, can be equipped with sexy sexy dress. It is skin color than the white skin, regardless of skin black and white, coupled with a black word with sandals will be white. Skin black with black, your skin color can be set off the "light" color, because you black and black but black; skin white wear black can make their own more white, because black and white are contrasting color (in the 24 hue ring From 120 degrees to 180 degrees between the two colors), contrasting colors together, each other will have a strong sense of exclusion, so that the color becomes particularly strong and conspicuous.