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Shoes must know 5:00, men do not know do not say you will wear shoes

Simple point that is, men! Do not think that just wear double shoes to go out, and women can see in the eyes of the! Then the men how to do to ensure that the "foot" is not seen "low" it? There are five basic rules for your reference. All right do not think that exposed toes sandals may be able to wear nice, but it is difficult to wear sexy so to speak, even if you regularly do foot nail, toe is still not the most attractive place for men, so sandals, Drag what, to give up it, maybe sandals may be dressed to look good type, but basically can not wear sexy, sailing shoes, music shoes, sports shoes ... ... in total, a hundred times stronger than sandals. Sandals, sandals or leave home or beach it!

Rubbing the leather shoes do not take jeans to wear the rubbing of the black shoes did not imagine so wild is to go to the bar, nightclub do not wear double shoes to go, but do not wear like all belongings only a pair of polished rub Black leather shoes, black shoes do not you think so wild! All know men's shoes as a variety of shoes, but it will not only sports shoes and black shoes, or have more shoes and christian louboutin sneakers jeans!

Sandals with socks or left to the T station barbecue with socks is a test of fashion skill, can not christian louboutin sneakers hold the attention, although the sandals with socks with the way has been well-known in the T stage, but it is still difficult to make life People accepted the law, not long ago this method is also the British people vote as "the most wear law", the reason is: they are too hard to take a good look! Not everyone can be a designer, not everyone has a model of the legs, so the wear or leave the T station!

If you have to wear white socks, please have the reason why there will be white socks this kind of thing exists, probably because of some uniform needs, but in daily life, really do not need to see them too. Unless you choose to dress from head to toe, or you can find a way out for white socks. A pair of interesting stripes or colored socks, and shoes and pants side by side have the taste, if you happen to wear a pair of white socks, the trouble to pull the lower trousers

Try and belt color matching shoes shoes and belts supporting the method with the belt and leather shoes with the way to wear is not fresh, but very useful. Black leather shoes It is equipped with black belt, camel belt with camel leather shoes is louboutin outlet a better choice. Men dress to see details? Belt leather christian louboutin sale shoes is the most basic details of the law!