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Skirt with sports shoes, this is fashion.

The past two years the trend of leisure skirts swept the world, bloggers have also take off the tiring of high heels, wearing shoes to match the skirt, leading the trend. Xiaobian think small sisters have to catch up with the big forces, so that leisure skirt to help you build the most fashionable style in the street bar Simple and elegant polo collar, combined with a stylish single-breasted, showing the leisure and comfortable style. Exquisite three-dimensional skirt to modify the legs, waist pumping design highlights the perfect body of women. Unique fold waist design, in line with the proportion of human gold, tidal sense and design sense of good, from the visual was thin. Pleated skirt design combined with the skirt hair of the treatment, comfortable leisure without losing sweet. Sling long section of the dress, made of cotton and linen material, gives a comfortable and refreshing season. Big opening of the front cover to full of student gas dress, more than a trace of mature taste. Striped is shoes with red bottoms now the trend is still popular, this leisure skirt hood design more exercise. Classic shoulder design, to the shoulder comfortable living space. Full of fun louboutin outlet patterns, highlight the vitality. The most simple and clean version of the design, but to show the general generous and leisure charm. Sleeveless style and thin material, the most suitable for the summer. Unilateral folds of the design, adding the unique clothing and personality.

Solid color christian louboutin outlet cotton and linen dress, give us a taste of literature and art. Cotton fabric material, it is louboutin shoes comfortable and breathable, feel the cool summer. The neat pins show the fine quality of the details.