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Small leather shoes That you do not know these codes!

As the saying goes, no shoes, poor half, showing how important shoes for people's lives. Small shoes from the late Qing Dynasty foreign christian louboutin heels shoes into China began to have a troubled troubled us, is the new back to buy a small shoe is always easy to wear feet. New shoe grinding feet are usually two places, one heel, one is the big toe outside. Do not know meow me in a few strokes? Can be in the new shoes to do not rush to wear, first with a wet towel clutching his feet for a few minutes, and then take a piece of dry towel to protect, with a small hammer percussion, so that you can get the shoes with red soles shoes smooth, Will not wear a foot yo. This is red bottom heels also a simple way to solve the grinding foot, you can put the newspaper into a ball, and then wet, but should pay attention to Oh, do not get too wet, or meow me small shoes will be wet friends. The wet newspaper in the grinding foot of the site, and then installed in a sealed plastic bag, had a night on the OK friends. New shoe grinding feet can also be used to wipe the grinding feet with soap, as long as a thin layer on the Oh. For the pinch of the problem, the fish pendulum also have tips to provide Oh. Meow meow you can wear a wet towel before the shoes wet, and then shoe wedge big, so perfect friends.

Increased Bullock Matte shoes: matte upper will be more protection meow me feet are not worn Oh, breathable and lightweight style cl shoes to meow me can walk with the wind it Retro college wind, upper body skirt, take the pants, how to take are small fairies, how to take the ladies are Fan Oh. Bloch flat shoes: This casual shoes Whether you go to work, or leisure shopping can be meow me to bring comfort Oh, simple yet yet fashionable wind, where the focus on where The This shoe there are fashionable thick Oh, reckless yet tired feet, how far are not afraid to go.

Pointed flat with small shoes: this solid color of the small pointed shoes, simple and clean, the fish pendulum that the white is more beautiful, white shoes is more classic wild. The best is in the rainy day can also continue the small white shoes of the journey, because it is not easy to wet Oh, the upper dirty, wipe with water is beautiful. This year the hottest side of a deduction buckle shoes, solid color of the upper is not very simple and generous? As well as shallow mouth design, it is easy to wear off Oh, more importantly, this flat shoes with a shoe can be tread design, a shoe to wear, very wild and convenient Oh

Round leather Oxford tassel shoes: this shoe looked at the most eye-catching than the tassel on the upper design of it, the cortex of tassels is different from the clothes on the linear tassels, cortical tassels have a hard and soft feeling , Make your shoes become more fashionable and beautiful.