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Summer, beautiful sandals absolutely essential

You are small fairies, you still wear shoes, shoes it? No, no hot summer, the change shoes! Girls should be prepared to start the United States and the United States sandals, after all, so hot days of the feet should be cool. And sandals take the good, christian louboutin sale the red bottom shoes for men whole person's temperament will be different wow So, what kind of sandals are beautiful enough? Today, the bean bag for everyone to recommend a few pairs of beautiful US small sandals, so that you beautiful women through this warm summer it Sandals look good right! Stylish rivet design makes you look more feminine, and this design is like Paris senior designer design, looks super high. Followed by rough with, more suitable for just wearing high heel Pointed shoes are very wild, style trendy, well workmanship, and very fit, suitable for those who want the United States and the United States but afraid of grinding feet sister. This pair of US shoes to wear more temperament, the same rough with the design will not be tired, but it can be very beautiful and beautiful. Hollowed out the word with sandals look very small fresh. If you wear this pair of shoes and then catch a chiffon dress, absolutely beautiful to fly, so you look cents cents. A little antique design makes you look like a cross to the Republic, you can let others think you are very ladies Oh ~

Pizza with flat shoes for students sister, black makes you look very wild, very thin. And very daily, on the foot was significantly thin Students sister must have money, bring a unique fashion atmosphere, is your summer is essential to the lovely single product. The color of the design is very unique and unique personality, fine sling looks very casual and charming, high-end atmosphere with the more feminine. This pair of shoes for all occasions, and the design of the fish mouth makes you more stylish and generous. The style of the Roman holiday makes you exotic. If you get used to the white shoes, this sandals are very suitable for you. Flat design more comfortable first, hollow foot instep design to make your beauty more breathable. Thick pine cake is even more princess Fan, very young age Oh ~ cross strap design definitely let you stand out in many sandals.

Smile simple and bright, put on to absolutely make you elegant and generous. 2017 new leather sandals make you more comfortable louboutin pumps and smooth. The design of the toe allows christian louboutin shoes you to have a little sexy, but the whole pair of shoes and bring you a classic elegant beauty. So good shoes, small fairies do not come a pair?