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The bad leg of the shoes will only get thicker and thicker

Autumn cool really getting closer, and most of the girls also took off the hot pants, put on trousers. But a wear trousers, obviously feel the legs there is very tight, Le's uncomfortable, a closer look at their own legs become thick .. high heels will increase the burden on the ankle and knee, resulting in long-term wear of the muscles of the calf High heels will lead to the legs into the eight-style or outside the eight-type calf excessive force, make the muscles become thick and strong friction, easy to wear feet, twisted to the legs that is why you are ready to wear long pants in autumn Find the reason for thicker legs, because in the summer when you every day hot pants skirt conversion, did not encircle the calf, so to fall when wearing a compact trousers, you will find, or pants small, Or barely wear on the also very uncomfortable. This time first put down the tight jeans, to choose a loose hole jeans, loose leisurely feeling, wear it very casual look; with a sense of hierarchy to do the old retro wash and knee patch, like life left Uninhibited traces.

Of course, there are girls will say, high heels harm so much, can still still have a lot of people wearing ah, some people girls legs so fine it? This question asked okay, in fact, high heels do christian louboutin shoes have some effect in the beauty, but occasionally wear 3-5 cm or can, but CICI or beauty recommended girls as little as possible to wear, you can choose comfortable flat shoes. High purity TPU soles, wear non-slip, soft and powerful. Light and small pointed design with beautiful bow, neat design so that shoes are very light. Pointed shoes can also slender foot type, is the little girl's gospel. High-quality first layer of leather insole with comfortable soft insole, soft and comfortable, easy travel; soft and dense suede, smooth christian louboutin for men and delicate touch, christian louboutin heels color uniformity, light on the feet; solid color multi-color upper is wild and good The In addition to comfortable ladies flat shoes, in the fall we can wear casual little white shoes, small white shoes as a daily fashion up to the necessary, wild and very practical. Convenient one pedal, soft PU leather and straw mixed, leisure good looking. This took the straw of christian louboutin sale the process, whether it is toe or shoes, so that you feel the atmosphere of nature, exquisite slanting suture also show a high quality technology. So simple and simple wild flat shoes, they have any good? The role of the protection of the feet to promote the activities of the foot bones walking more light, anti-drop plastic, anti-slip to promote the flow of blood