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These good wear and wild slope heels, easy to wear large long legs

Beauty is human nature, each woman has at least a pair of high heels, but high heels for a long time tired, then what kind of a shoe both high heels height, and comfortable? Slip heels has always been a variety of women sought after age of a variety of shoes, it's unique design and lines into christian louboutin sale a sense of people intoxicated. Slope heels not only meet the height of women want, but also gave them high heels can not give the comfort. In fact, not only fashion shoes, but also not tired to wear, completely inferior to high heels! So the crush, but consider the start like a pair of slope heels! Shoes are very user-friendly, it is based on the ergonomic arc of the christian louboutin shoes sale pointed design, to the toes to stay more room for activities, which makes people walking it more comfortable walking; shoes hand diamond, christian louboutin sale not only fashion sense Full, even more low-key luxury, slope with the design more humane, walking is not only smooth, wearing experience is also very good, inside the senior breathable material, your feet can breathe freely. Shape design is also very fashionable, you can start yo!

Pointed out the urban women's capable, in the visual, seem feet small. Using the most popular slope with the design, walking is not only smooth, but also fashion, suitable for all occasions! Inside smooth and delicate and flexible, breathable, good care to the feet, non-slip wear-resistant material, the rain is not afraid of slipping. Retro bow decoration, giving a playful impression, to the foot to add a trace of silk activity! Italian high-quality imported calfskin texture, lines delicate and vivid, with good comfort and flexibility, especially good gloss, natural rubber production of the soles, smooth wear, drawing compression will not be deformed, strong adhesion. Inside the permeability is very strong, do not worry about the situation of foot and feet, slope design with a sense of security, the overall sense of fashion, girls must try! Concise and smooth lines cleverly sketched out slender legs, inside and outside the whole skin, and very breathable, texture, metal toe design to the classic high-profile appearance of Europe and the United States, while there is a trace of retro retro temperament, put it, your whole gas field Will rise a height, is a good choice for formal occasions.

Stylish small pointed design, suitable for Asian women's foot type, inside the first layer of pigskin, delicate breathable, comfortable not grinding louboutin sale feet, natural rubber at the end, strong resilience. Gold radian design, very user-friendly, to the toes out of the more space for the activities, which makes people walking it more comfortable to walk, wearing it to travel no problem!