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Thick legs do not wear these three kinds of boots, who know who christian louboutin sale fat

A winter, as if came to the home of boots. However, girls with thick legs will start to chirp, because it is too hard to find a pair of thin boots. This boots can not back. In fact, even the calf some rough, there are still many boots is very suitable. However, the sisters chose to pick the most leg thick several boots, not fat strange! In fact, girls with thick legs do not have to worry about, as long as you avoid these three who wear ugly boots, there will no longer be obsessed with the fat. Without further ado, the true colors of these three boots are now uncovered. Do not think that the thick legs loosely dressed can be fine. In christian louboutin heels fact, loose boots can not only not be thin, but also cause more than the original red bottom heels visual sense of expansion. So next time do not have this wrong idea myself! For girls with thick legs, the tube in the boots is absolutely taboo. Not embarrassed the length, just stay in the thighs most thick parts, that visual sense can only be a word hard to get significant fat. Home leggings in thick boots, advise you to lose it as soon as possible!

Have to admit, Street beat magazine models wear light-colored boots really looks good, but people have Guards big legs! Ordinary people are really bad control. Legs thick girls even more not to try. Fat sense of visual sense can be more than a little bit ah! Boots use a delicate cow suede fabric, easily create a high sense of visual. Help surface added Lotus leaf design, adding a bit sweet temperament. Booties selected high-quality sheepskin fabric, feet feel very comfortable. Rough design, even for a long time walking, but also not at all tired. Boots use a unique red sole shoes mosaic color design, enriched the overall sense of hierarchy. Pointed design with fine heels, showing elegant femininity. Martin boots with flat design, greatly reducing the fatigue of your feet. Added metal buckle design, solid color boots no longer monotonous. Bare boots use a fine matte leather material, which adds a thick rabbit hair, it can be said is very warm. Pointed design, the overall temperament more elegant.