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Today, work boots to wear, where handsome where to go

In the hearts of many boys, boots have a shoes with red soles special christian louboutin heels masculine, if you are happy to wear any season. Many people's "sweaty feet" feel that summer wear boots really hold, so the summer when I was as little as possible to wear leather boots, but now the fall has come, not to take out the boots to wear more time The Always said retro retro, the key people think that if you are not just climb out from the soil, then, do not christian louboutin sale wear a retro suit, in fact, more retro style retro style will be retro class shoes, and from the Bullock Oxford shoes Of the retro retro style just after a short, increase the height of the upper, Chelsea boots is the best weapon to steal the spotlight. In the Victorian period, a man named J. Sparkes-Hall invented Chelsea boots. He was originally Queen Victoria's Queen shoe division. Benefited from the invention of vulcanized rubber in 1839, he designed the elastic band on the boots, and its easy to wear off the characteristics of the Queen's boots day off feet. Soon, J. Sparkes-Hall invented the shoes in the city spread. All said that the first person wearing a Chelsea boots, is the British Queen Victoria. In the Victorian period has just appeared, simple and beautiful, compact feet, coupled with its easy to wear off the iconic elastic side of the design, so that Chelsea boots quickly conquered the people who love riding, especially the aristocratic women, became the 19th century 40 years when the trend of riding options. In the post-war 60s, young people gradually set their own fashion concept, to overthrow the elegance of the 50's, so that their dress more and more rebellious and extreme, in order to come from the image with their parents away. 60 years of hippies and rock and roll to promote the revival of Chelsea boots, from the Rolling Stones to the Beatles can find their classic imagination in its shadow.

?At the same time some people call this boots Beatles, because the Beatles are often wearing this kind of boots on stage performances, rather than they invented. However, the success of the Beatles also make this boots become red sole shoes more popular. Their iconic dress is a custom suit with Chelsea boots. Elastic band is the biggest sign of Chelsea boots. As early as the Queen Victoria, Chelsea boots on the use of ankle tightly wrapped design. At that time the purpose of the design is to facilitate riding, elastic belt can be easy to wear boots. Pointed, high and thick boots with the original characteristics of Chelsea boots, but with the gentleman movement equestrian fashion, this boots gradually from the tip into a round head, more in line with the aesthetic needs of the city.