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Tongue is always crooked how to do?

The tongue is always crooked side I think many people have experienced, especially in the larger proportion of crooked shoes, the troubles are indeed more attention to detail in the shoes a big annoyance, one of the most annoying situation! For example, the recent popular flat shoes we all love to wear, because good looking is not expensive, although this shoe looks good, but the drawback is that this shoe tongue easy to side crooked, do you encounter such troubles? In order to help christian louboutin shoes everyone solve this small problem, Xiao Bian summed up the following problems that caused the tongue to squeak and solve the trick: 1. The incorrect walking posture causes the tongue to move to the side and the tongue to the side may not be correct. It is not the outer eight characters which are the inner eight characters. The inner eight character foot is the front foot first, and the outer eight characters are the heels first. The outer eight characters are characterized by faster heel grinding and easy tongue licking. The correct walking posture is full foot landing. Oh.

Feet are divided into several types, of which the Egyptian foot is more common, the Roman foot, the Greek foot is relatively small, we can compare their own feet, the Greek foot fingers, that is, the second toe than the other four are Long, the characteristics of the Egyptian feet is toes longer than the other, the characteristics of the Roman foot is the length of red bottom shoes for women the five toes close to each other, in the shape of the three feet in Egypt to wear the tongue to the side of the larger ratio. Now the shoes brand, fabrics, work quite a mixed bag, a lot of poor shoes into the market, from work to go on the line are not standard, so easy to wear a tongue to one side of the crooked. Insole is too bad, insole quality is not good, easy to put your feet in the shoes after wearing a place, especially friends sweating feet, sweating after the christian louboutin shoes impact of walking posture, in order to avoid this embarrassment, try to buy good shoes and Insoles, socks, buy less nylon socks. The solution of the tongue to the side of the tongue and the method of tying the shoelace began. The shoes we purchased had tongues that generally had holes for fixing small laces. The main purpose of setting up this hole was to wear the shoelace. christian louboutin shoes Fixed tongue effect. The tongue is usually crooked to the right, except with the shoelace, this time we can use the needle on the left to choose the appropriate location sewn with a few stitches can solve this troubling problem for a long time? Isn't it simple? Have you learned it?