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Wear skirt with these shoes, easy to wear out the goddess Fan

In the dress up this thing, that is simple and simple to say complex and complex, but to red bottom heels wear out the unique and unique temperament, you have to wear on the effort ~ different temperament skirt with different models of shoes, A little can not be vague, so when the election skirt shoes is really important! The Such as skin color and close to the bare color of the shoes, it can keep the legs and feet of the connection, the effect is very good extension can be long legs ~ sharp toe design more mature charm, piercing feminine, and pointed The design of visual effects are even more high Oh ~ with pointed high heels, version of good-looking comfortable, the first layer of imports of calfskin fabric, which are the first layer of crystal mixed sheepskin, ribbon buckle beautiful and durable, very nice Bamboo with, beautiful and sexy.

High-quality matte leather, both breathable, soft, comfortable but also to ensure that the boots tall and straight, easy to wear comfortable and easy to deformation, comfortable flat, not tired feet. The first layer of leather, comfortable and delicate touch soft, pointed shallow mouth design to build slender feet of thin, very elegant woman temperament. Flat with the shallow mouth round Peas shoes, the upper is very popular small wave printing, combined with metal decoration just the sense of exquisite, rubber soles with high strength flexibility, light and comfortable, full of flexibility. Metal buckle Gu Le Fu shoes, the first layer of leather to create, high-quality first layer of leather + inside the first layer of pigskin, good ventilation, matt leather skin is very low-key fashion. A pair of pointed leather shoes, you can work to wear, you can wear casual wear, with spring and summer print dress is particularly good. Retro toe design, wearing comfortable and not grinding feet, comfortable flat with the best to show women's gentle and charming, two wear after the design can help christian louboutin to step down when the drag-type single shoes to wear, ultra-fiber inside, sweat good good smelly feet. V mouth design, making the feet and legs to form a coherent, very legs long, wearing a skirt exposed legs really just right! Fashion pointed and comfortable feet do not wear, filling women elegant temperament, V mouth design visual elongated height, was thin legs long. Breathable inside soft and delicate, rough with the design is not tired feet.

Integral forming of the fabric uppers, to reduce the friction caused christian louboutin sale by sewing in Shanghai, so wear more comfortable, ultra-light insoles, light rebound performance, reduce the burden of footsteps, the Chinese fashion printing pattern, the fashion movement and classical elegance integration , Unique. Fresh and natural cut off a single shoes, neat trendy tide car suture, bring fresh visual sense, showing the atmosphere and quality. High-end high-quality PU leather material, breathable comfort, louboutin sale the release of feet pressure, full of vitality! Rubber flat, anti-skid wear, you can step by step forward step forward!