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Wide leg pants + flat shoes, is the hottest spring match!

Although the wide leg pants are very wild, some people just wear particularly good-looking, and you wear not on the mirror, know where the problem is it? Not difficult to control their own, but did not choose the right pair of shoes to match. I believe many girls have heard such a sentence: "to see a woman's taste, depends on the pair of shoes on her feet," your shoes will often affect your body with the style, and then play the key to determine the shape of success effect. High-heeled shoes with pointed shoes with high elegance Needless to say, there will be a kind of queen's elegant and feminine ~ pointed flat shoes more comfort, elegance diminished, this feeling is really like praise. Small white shoes has always been a lot of my christian louboutin heels sister are like a paragraph, and white shoes with it is the most perfect cp, white simple and clear, giving a refreshing and pleasant christian louboutin shoes feeling, white wide leg pants coupled with small white shoes, the whole Fresh and comfortable, lower body to maintain the same color is also significantly higher. Spring temperature is not that high, apparently too cold to wear sandals, christian louboutin heels the choice of Carrefour shoes is the best though. There is nothing more than the wide leg pants + a pedal to better reflect the "lazy fashion", and you do not even have to consider how the shirt with, directly on the mind to choose a pair of nice shoes enough.

Wide-leg pants Pants behind the zipper design is very easy to wear and easy to dress, and the design of the three-dimensional pocket is very fashionable, and the trend of pants can stretch the proportion of lines, wear gives a thin visual effect. Jeans wide leg pants as a whole is very loose, the pants are slightly closed cover slightly modified leg type, because the legs are more relaxed, the legs a little small defects are modified off, it seems very straight leg, with radish pants-type design, Can lengthen the proportion of lower body, very thin and significant, with a very personal down jacket. Small white shoes High quality upper is very soft and comfortable, while the comfort inside the thermal effect is particularly prominent, the overall design is very trendy, with the stylish look with white shoes unique, with rubber primer, slip resistance and Wear resistance are particularly prominent.