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Women with tricks, dress up the red bottom heels United States and the United States do not worry!

A woman can have two things can not be, one is a bag, one is the shoes, bags can see a woman's taste, shoes can highlight a person's temperament.So, put aside the grade does not say, in order to good temper, but also Have a pair of good shoes in the foot. A pair of good shoes, so that your beauty more texture! shoes with red soles Women's boots style can be said to be ever-changing, different styles of different functions but each shoe has its popularity and ankle boots. And ankle boots as the name suggests is to the location of the foot bone, European and American style of the most common boots, rough with the main, pointed round head are applicable, the style is more to flat with the lace-based style, The shape of the leg requirements will be higher, the ability to cover the shortcomings of the legs is not obvious. And ankle boots with tights commonly used shoes, revealing the ankle is the most important christian louboutin outlet to wear point. Black round leather and matte suede pointed. Thick and ankle boots with a skirt, you can choose to wear barefoot or with socks, the overall tone can choose a conservative earth color, avoid discordant tone looks like the body is divided into several paragraphs of illusion.

?Leather texture will be more handsome, want a woman can choose suede scrub, broken pants is preferred. Black leather can easily create a handsome feeling, with sweaters and lace can add feminine. Small thick legs girls to carefully choose and ankle boots, because it is fat. Meat girls can try the upper body as relaxed as possible, the lower body light method, the visual will be more thin. Foot bone above the lower leg of the boots will be better than ankle boots and boots, boots are relatively wild and essential style. Whether it is naked or with tight pants, skirt is a great choice, is the first choice for autumn and winter. In the cylinder height and ankle boots and a little thick with the boots is one of the hot recommend this year, better than ankle boots control, rough and comfortable at the same time not red sole shoes suitable for wearing high-heeled wire, short children's welfare The Mandatory Martin boots must have some members of the Asia-Pacific members, and wild Martin shoes in addition to pure color can try to do the old cheek shoes, rejuvenation will be thicker. Boots and knee boots and knee boots, boots in fact every year to see, but the control is more difficult, mainly the hardware requirements of the problem, 165 the following MM have to be careful, straight legs straight to wear goddess